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We tell stories that compel action.

You have a story to tell. We can help with everything from selling your concept to management, to shooting video on location, to building the digital content strategy and platforms. We’ve been in the corporate conference room and in the grittiest truck shop. We can talk to company executives and also a diesel engine mechanic. And most of all, we can get that person to tell the story you need your company or customers to hear — even if they’ve never spoken on camera before. Not with scripts, or actors, or prompters; just authentic storytelling.

We’ve shot in mines, refineries, ships and maintenance shops. From time-lapse to live events to re-creating critical safety incidents. We’ve seen more than our share of oil, grease, dust and dirt, in extremes from sub-zero to 110°. We work safely and smart. And our clients count on us to bring home the footage, and the story, every time.


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Case Study
The Team
Scott Hildula

Scott Hildula

Principal / Managing Director
Scott is a consummate story-teller who specializes in getting the story right in any medium. An award-winning business journalist, he has successfully moved from print into digital storytelling for clients in energy, high tech and other industries including: ADP, Chevron, Deloitte, Fairchild Semiconductor, HP, and Oronite. He produces and directs corporate, industrial and safety videos worldwide.

Christine Wigren

Christine Wigren

VP / Producer

Christine is our web and social media star who uses strategic and collaborative planning to create content for multiple channels. She provides digital media, brand and communications guidance and execution for clients. She combines a broadcasting degree, passion for films and 25 years in the trenches of internal and external corporate communications to successfully meld artistic vision with the needs of the enterprise to connect deeply with customers and employees. 

Chuck Gathard


Chuck Gathard

Photographer & Producer
Chuck tells compelling stories in words, pictures, and video for print, digital and the web. A seasoned traveler with a keen head for business, he creates compelling narratives that speak to both the heart and the bottom line. A graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, he has worked for a wide variety of colleague-focused culture campaigns for Coca-Cola, Archers Daniels Midland and Chevron.

Steve Miller

Steve Miller

Steve Miller

Director, Animation & 3D Studios
Steve has more than 20 years of experience directing and editing live-form and animated commercials, infomercials, videos and independent films. Client work includes: General Mills, Intel, Hertz, Kellogg’s, McDonalds, Milgard, Starbucks, Soloflex, Toys ’R’ Us, Tektronix, Sequent, and Riverbed. He has also written, directed and edited three independent feature films.

RedUmbrella Group knows business

Where we’ve been for our clients…

Stories, and conversations, that connect. That’s why we also work in: English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Thai and Vietnamese. Whether it’s native capture, voice over or sub-titles, we’ll help you through the tower of babel that a global presence and audience requires.

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